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Fig. 2

From: Apln-CreERT:mT/mG reporter mice as a tool for sprouting angiogenesis study

Fig. 2

Apln-CreERT and Cdh5-CreERT:mT/mG mice exhibit different pattern of retina sprouting angiogenesis. a The schematic chart illustrates tamoxifen administration for induction of membrane green eGFP expression. b Apln-CreERT:mT/mG mice exhibit less green-label in the retina “optic nerve” area comparing with that of Cdh5-CreERT:mT/mG mice, with green eGFP labeled in the first column, tdTomato labeled in the second column and merged in the third column of the retinal vasculature in Apln-, Cdh5-CreERT: mT/mG mice. c Adult retina angiogenesis pattern of Cdh5-CreERT:mT/mG and Apln-CreERT:mT/mG with or without tamoxifen injection. Scale bars: b, 500 μm (1st-3rd column), 100 μm (4th column); c, 200 μm

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