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Fig. 1

From: An unusual case report of primary vitreoretinal lymphoma

Fig. 1

Colour fundus photography and Spectral Domain OCT (Topcon Medical Systems Inc., Newbury, UK) images. a Right fundus image showing a large area of retinal whitening with well-demarcated borders at first presentation and yellow spots superior to fovea. Hyperreflective subretinal changes was noted on OCT scan and disruption of the ellipsoid zone (EZ) nasal to the fovea was also noted. b Evolution of the right retinal lesion with corresponding hyper-reflectivity of the EZ on OCT at second presentation (4 months later). c A week after the second presentation, the area of retinal whitening was found to have migrated nasally. d Left normal fundus and OCT at presentation. e Left fundus showing an area of retina whitening with similar hyperreflective subretinal changes at second presentation. f. Left fundus showing spontaneous resolution of the retina whitening 1 week after second presentation but numerous yellow deposits at the subretinal and sub-RPE layers were evident

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