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Fig. 2

From: An unusual case report of primary vitreoretinal lymphoma

Fig. 2

Multi-modal imaging four months after the initial presentation (Spectralis, Heidelberg Engineering Inc., Germany). a. MultiColor scanning laser image revealed a large deep, white retinal lesion and multiple yellow retinal deposits. b. Red-free image revealed more numerous sub-retinal deposits. c. OCT of the right macula lesion demonstrated significant sub-retinal hyper-reflective material and underlying RPE irregularities. d. Right eye FFA with hypofluorescent spots corresponding with the yellow retinal deposits. e. ICG showing an area of diffuse hypocyanescence corrseponding with the large lesion observed in (2a) was noted with multiple defined areas of hypocyanescence at the sites of observed deposits. f. FAF hypoautoflourescence within the large retinal lesion and smaller punctate areas of hypo-autofluorescence. g and h. Left eye MultiColor and red-free image image with multiple small deep retinal deposits. i. Left macula OCT with RPE irregularity and sub-retinal and sub-RPE hyper-reflective changes. Left eye FFA, ICG and FAF demonstrated changes within the areas of OCT abnormality and these were more extensive than those observed on clinical and MultiColour examination: FFA showed multiple hypofluorescent spots (j); a diffuse area of macular hypocyanescence and multiple small spots of hypocyanescence were noted on ICG (k) and diffuse hyper-autofluorescence corresponding with sub-RPE lesions and focal areas of hypoautofluorescence in areas of sub-retinal lesions were seen on FAF (l)

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