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Table 5 Birth weight, gestational age and postmentrual age at the time of diagnosis or presentation, according to categories of severity of ROP within premature children who did not complete surveillance period

From: Incidence of retinopathy of prematurity type 1 and type 2 in a regional Hospital of Social Security in the state of Queretaro, Mexico (2017–2018)

  Prematures BW (g)
(CI 95%)
(CI 95%)
Last Evaluation
(CI 95%)
n %
Immature Retina 9 33.3% 1761 ± 327 32w 6d ± 1w 3d 37w 3d ± 1w 0d
Mild ROP 18 66.7% 1615 ± 127 31w 5d ± 0w 6d 37w 2d ± 0w 6d