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Fig. 3

From: Autophagy protects against retinal cell death in mouse model of cytomegalovirus retinitis

Fig. 3

MCMV infection pattern in the retinas of Atg5flox/flox; Nestin-Cre mice during MCMV retinitis. Mice were immunosuppressed and injected via the supraciliary route with 1 × 104 PFU of MCMV in a volume of 2 μl. The inoculated eyes were collected, and H&E was performed (a), and stained for MCMV early antigen (EA) and mounted with DAPI (b), or stained for MCMV early antigen (EA), RPE65 or GFAP, and mounted with DAPI (c). The images in (a) are 200×. The images in (b) and (c) are 40× and 200×, respectively. c Quantification of number of EA-positive cells in the retinas during MCMV retinitis. The number of EA-positive cells was counted in six sections from each mouse (4 mice in total). d Virus titer was measured in wildtype, heterozygous and homozygous mice for three repeats. RPE: retinal pigment epithelia; ONL: outer nuclear layer; INL: inner nuclear layer

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