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Table 1 Summary of patients’ history and findings

From: Underlying Ehlers-Danlos syndrome discovered during neuro-ophthalmic evaluation of concussion patients: a case series

PatientNature of TraumaPertinent Presenting SymptomsDuration of Concussion Symptoms before EDS DiagnosisEDS SignsBeighton Score
(> 3/9 is positive)
1MVADifficulty reading and concentrating, poor visual tracking and focusing, neck pain14 monthsChiari I malformation, POTS, hyperextensible elbowsAt least 3/9*
2Multiple fallsDifficulty reading, diplopia11 monthsDysautonomia, hypermobile joints5/9
3MVAEye spasms, difficulty reading and focusing, neck pain12 monthsHypermobile joints, syncope, occipital neuralgia, Chiari I malformation, CSF leak5/9
4Hit head on metal beamNystagmus, dizziness, headaches, photosensitivity, dry eye20 monthsMigraines, easy bruising, labile blood pressureConfirmed by geneticist, Beighton score not available
5Hit head on metal beamDifficulty reading, diplopia, neck pain20 monthsJoint hypermobility, occipital neuralgiaConfirmed by geneticist, Beighton score not available
6MVAPhotosensitivity, trouble reading, fatigue, headache, neck pain15 monthsJoint hypermobility, occipital neuralgia4/9
7MVAPhotosensitivity, difficulty reading, fatigue, headache, neck pain14 monthsEasy bruising, hypermobility, syncope, occipital neuralgia5/9
  1. *This patient did not have all aspects of the Beighton Test administered