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Table 1 Examination schedule

From: Visual impairment in children with a brain tumor: a prospective nationwide multicenter study using standard visual testing and optical coherence tomography (CCISS study)

AssessmentBaseline6 months12 months18 months24 months
Check eligibilityx    
Informed consentx    
Demographic datax    
Check treatment planxxxxx
Ophthalmological assessment
• Orthoptic examinationxxxxx
• Visual acuityxxxxx
• Refraction(x)a(x)a(x)a(x)a(x)a
• Slit lamp(x)a(x)a(x)a(x)a(x)a
• Funduscopyxxxxx
Visual fieldsxxxxx
Optical Coherence Tomographyxxxxx
Adverse eventsxxxxx
  1. a If there is a clinical indication