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Table 2 Overview of age based ophthalmological assessments for study purpose

From: Visual impairment in children with a brain tumor: a prospective nationwide multicenter study using standard visual testing and optical coherence tomography (CCISS study)

Primary outcome measuresOphthalmological testing methods
 0.5–2 years2–3 years3–5 years≥ 6 years
Visual acuityTACKPE- chartsNumeral/Snellen charts
Visual fieldsBEFIEBEFIEBEFIEPeritest, HFA 24–2 SITA-FAST,
Goldmann Perimetry
Thickness of retinal layers (RNFL, GCL-IPL)Handheld OCTHandheld OCTHandheld OCTTable-top OCT
  1. BEFIE Behavioral Visual Field Screening test, GCL-IPL ganglion cell layer – inner plexiform layer, HFA Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer, KP Kay Pictures, OCT Optical Coherence Tomography, RNFL retinal nerve fiber layer, TAC Teller Acuity Cards