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Table 2 Seidel refraction and Seidel aberrations coefficients with and without the horizontal slit, and the amount of change in the setting of an analysis pupil diameter of 4 mm and a slit size of 2 mm

From: Eyelid squinting improves near vision in against-the-rule and distance vision in with-the-rule astigmatism in pseudophakic eyes: an eye model experimental study

 Emmetropia− 1.50 D WTR−3.00 D WTR−1.50 D ATR−3.00 D ATR
No slitSlitChangeNo slitSlitChangeNo slitSlitChangeNo slitSlitChangeNo slitSlitChange
Spherical (D)−0.17−0.060.11−0.320.360.68−0.310.040.35−0.56−0.62−0.06−0.51−0.53−0.02
Cylindrical (D) −0.17−0.20−0.03−1.48−2.03−0.55−2.81−3.18−0.37−1.46−1.120.34−2.80−2.500.30
SEQ (D)−0.26−0.160.10−1.06−0.660.41−1.72−1.550.17−1.29−1.180.11−1.91−1.780.13
Focus (μm)−0.35−0.120.23−0.640.731.37−0.630.090.72−1.13−1.28−0.15−1.01−1.21−0.20
Astigmatism (μm)−0.33−0.40−0.07−2.97−4.05−1.08−5.62−6.36−0.74−2.91−2.230.68−5.61−5.010.60
HOA (μm)
TA (μm)−0.311.541.09−0.450.850.980.131.501.610.11
TA at 67 cm (μm)         0.810.49−0.321.221.01−0.21
TA at 33 cm (μm)         1.510.81−0.701.610.52−1.09
  1. D = diopter; WTR = with-the-rule; ATR = against-the-rule; SEQ = spherical equivalent; HOA = high-order aberrations; TA = total aberrations
  2. Cylinder axis is WTR in emmetropia, − 1.50 D WTR, and − 3.00 D WTR astigmatism and is ATR in − 1.50 D ATR and − 3.00 D ATR astigmatism