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Table 1 SPIRIT diagram of study assessments

From: Azithromycin Reduction to Reach Elimination of Trachoma (ARRET): study protocol for a cluster randomized trial of stopping mass azithromycin distribution for trachoma

TIMEPOINT Baseline Allocation Follow-up
  Mo. 0 Mo. 12 Mo. 24 Mo. 36
Community eligibility screen X     
Informed consent X     
Census X   X X X
Allocation   X    
Annual Azithromycin MDA   X X X (X)a
No treatment   X X X (X)a
Conjunctival swabs X     X
Conjunctival photography X     X
Dried blood spot collection X     X
  1. aCommunities will receive mass drug administration with azithromycin per Niger trachoma program guidelines at and after the 36-month study visit, depending on the prevalence of trachomatous inflammation--follicular