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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of patients who did not achieve a visual acuity of 0.1 logMAR by 6 months after urgent decompression

From: Preoperative clinical factors and visual outcomes following orbital decompression with dysthyroid optic neuropathy

No.SexAge rangeDuration before surgery (months)Type of decompressionNumber of pulsed steroid treatmentsRTSmoking historyComment
 160–6513Bilateral medial decompression1000 mg
3 days ×2 treatments
Done1. Psychological factor (depression)
2. Central scotoma
2175–8012Unilateral medical decompressionNoneDone1. No steroid pulses due to gastric cancer
2. Cataracts
3150–553Bilateral balanced decompressionNoneNone+1. Rejection of steroid pulse for work
2. Postoperative visual loss
4280–8513Unilateral medical decompression1000 mg
3 days ×4 treatments
NoneDiabetic macular edema
5255–606Unilateral medical decompression1000 mg
3 days ×3 treatments
6270–757Bilateral medial decompression1000 mg
3 days × 3 treatments
DoneDiabetic retinopathy
7270–759Unilateral medical decompression1000 mg
3 days ×3 treatments
Done+Unknown origin.
Improved gradually to 0.1 logMAR visual acuity.
  1. RT radiation therapy