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Table 2 Validating set: areas under the ROC curves of various optical coherence tomography parameters

From: Diagnostic capability of a linear discriminant function applied to a novel Spectralis OCT glaucoma-detection protocol

 AUC95% CIAUC P*Cut-off PointSens (%)Spec (%)+LR-LR
LDF0.8750.755–0.950<  0.001>  0.30970.3796.1518.300.31
pRNFL glaucoma global0.8790.778–0.946<  0.001≤ 9291.1873.533.440.12
BMO–MRW global0.8460.736–0.923<  0.001≤ 250.0875.7696.97250.25
pRNFL 3.5 global0.8440.724–0.927<  0.001≤ 8675.8689.297.080.27
pRNFL 4.1 global0.8120.684–0.905<  0.001≤ 7067.8692.599.160.35
pRNFL 4.7 global0.8160.689–0.908<  0.001≤ 6471.4388.896.430.32
  1. MedCalc software was used to calculate the cut-off points (points with the best sensitivity-specificity balance)
  2. P*: level of statistical significance (< 0.05). Bold text indicates statistically significant results (p < 0.05)
  3. AUC Area under the ROC curve, CI Confidence interval, +LR Positive likelihood ratio, −LR Negative likelihood ratio, BMO–MRW Bruch membrane opening–minimum rim width, LDF Linear discriminant function, pRNFL peripapillary retinal nerve fibre layer