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Table 1 Components of the fix-and-follow grading system

From: An office-based fix-and-follow grading system assessing visual function in preverbal children

Fixation: The target for fixation was located at a distance of 30 cm, and the test was performed under binocular conditions
Level 1 No response to the target
Level 2 A response to the target, but only for < 3 s
Level 3 Only one of the two criteria below (1 and 2) were met
Level 4 Both of the two criteria below were met
(1) Fixed on the target for ≥3 s
(2) Saccadic eye movement from one target to another
Following: Horizontal smooth pursuit eye movement within 30-degree ranges
Level 1 No movement
Level 2 Partial movement
Level 3 Complete movement