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Table 1 Review of the literature of “intramuscular haemangiomas” in extraocular muscles

From: Intracranial extension of an intramuscular haemangioma of superior rectus: case report and literature review

Year Author Patient’s age Extraocular muscle involved Clinical features Histopathologic type Treatment
2002 Christensen 21 yrs MR, LR, IR, SO Painless, slowly progressive, non-compressible retrobulbar lesion, no hyperemia Mixed Enucleation
2003 Kiratli 3 yrs LR Painless, slowly progressive upper eyelid swelling, no hyperemia Capillary Systemic steroids
2003 Kiratli 40 yrs MR Painless slowly progressive proptosis, eyelid oedema, conjunctival chemosis and dilated episcleral vessels Mixed Systemic steroids
2006 Kim 63 yrs SR Painless slowly progressive proptosis, upper and lower eyelids oedema, hypertropia, no erythema or chemosis Cavernous Strabismus surgery and systemic steroids
2009 Lee 31 yrs MR Painless slowly progressive proptosis, optic nerve oedema Cavernous Excision with posterior decompression
2014 Charles 25 yrs IO Painless lower eyelid mobile, non-tender mass, hyperglobus Capillary Observation
2017 Mehta 11 yrs MR Painless slowly progressive irregular bluish mass on medial rectus muscle, limited extraocular movements on supraduction, infraduction and adduction Cavernous Excision
2019 Gade 61 yrs MR Painless slowly progressive proptosis, diplopia, afferent pupillary defect, decrease vision Mixed Excision with posterior decompression
2020 Tabuenca   IR   Cavernous Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy
2021 Bentham 26 yrs MR Painless slowly progressive proptosis, hypoglobus, limited upgaze and abduction, lower lid retraction   Observation
2021 Our case 6 yrs SR Upper lid swelling, proptosis with restricted extra ocular movement in all gazes Capillary Intra-lesional steroid