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Fig. 2

From: Schnyder corneal dystrophy and associated phenotypes caused by novel and recurrent mutations in the UBIAD1 gene

Fig. 2

Corneal confocal microscopy imaging in an 8-year old child with Schnyder corneal dystrophy. Superficial epithelial cells with small round hyperreflective deposits (arrows) in the left eye (a). Normal appearance of the basal epithelial cell layer (b), and subepithelial nerve plexus in the right eye (c). Hyper-reflective deposits within and around keratocytes (arrows) (d) and needle-shaped crystals in anterior stroma of the left eye (e). Hyper-reflective deposits in mid-stroma in the left eye (f), but with unaffected posterior stroma (g) and endothelium in the left eye (h)

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