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  1. With the increasing number of people participating in physical aerobic exercise, jogging in particular, we considered that it would be worth knowing if there are should be limits to the exercise with regard to...

    Authors: Konstantinos Natsis, Irene Asouhidou, George Nousios, Theodosios Chatzibalis, Konstantinos Vlasis and Vasilios Karabatakis
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2009 9:6
  2. Benzalkonium chloride (BAC) is a common preservative used in ophthalmic solutions. The aim of this study was to compare the cytotoxic effects of BAC-containing ophthalmic solutions with a BAC-free ophthalmic s...

    Authors: Su Khoh-Reiter and Bart A Jessen
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2009 9:5
  3. Amblyopia and amblyogenic factors like strabismus and refractive errors are the most common vision disorders in children. Although different studies suggest that preschool vision screening is associated with a...

    Authors: Christine Schmucker, Robert Grosselfinger, Rob Riemsma, Gerd Antes, Stefan Lange, Wolf Lagrèze and Jos Kleijnen
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2009 9:3
  4. Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD) is a potentially blinding condition and a common cause of ocular morbidity. Establishing an accurate estimate of disease incidence and distribution is an important first...

    Authors: Danny Mitry, David G Charteris, David Yorston, Brian W Fleck, Alan Wright, Harry Campbell and Jaswinder Singh
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2009 9:2
  5. To determine if novel measures of cardiovascular health are associated with prevalence or progression of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

    Authors: Catherine A McCarty, Adam Dowrick, James Cameron, Barry McGrath, Luba D Robman, Peter Dimitrov, Gabriella Tikellis, Caroline Nicolas, John McNeil and Robyn Guymer
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:25
  6. Strategies for prevention of eye injuries require knowledge of the cause of the injuries. This study was done to determine the patient characteristics, the cause of injury, and where cases of traumatic hyphaem...

    Authors: Adeyinka O Ashaye
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:24
  7. The Early Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity study (ETROP), published in 2003, established new guidelines for treatment of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and demonstrated improved outcomes compared to ...

    Authors: Aaron M Alme, Michael L Mulhern, Thomas W Hejkal, Jane L Meza, Fang Qiu, David D Ingvoldstad and Eyal Margalit
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:23
  8. Glaucoma is a major cause of blindness worldwide and an increasingly significant global health problem. Glaucoma prevention and management efforts have been challenging due to inherent difficulty in developing...

    Authors: Suman S Thapa, Kurt H Kelley, Ger V Rens, Indira Paudyal and Lan Chang
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:21
  9. The aim of this study was to assess changes in metalloproteinases (MMP-2) and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP-2) following selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) in patients with pseudoexfoliative ...

    Authors: Mauro Cellini, Pietro Leonetti, Ernesto Strobbe and Emilio C Campos
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:20
  10. To assess the occurrence and magnitude of refractive change in pseudophakic eyes undergoing 20 gauge pars plana vitrectomy without scleral buckling and to investigate possible aetiological factors.

    Authors: Sinead Byrne, James Ng, Anthony Hildreth, Jean-Pierre Danjoux and David HW Steel
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:19
  11. Branch retinal vein occlusion is a frequent cause of visual loss with currently insufficient treatment options. We evaluate the effect of Bevacizumab (Avastin®) treatment in patients with macular edema induced by...

    Authors: Mathias Abegg, Christoph Tappeiner, Ute Wolf-Schnurrbusch, Daniel Barthelmes, Sebastian Wolf and Johannes Fleischhauer
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:18
  12. Despite having the largest population in Africa, Nigeria has no accurate population based data to plan and evaluate eye care services. A national survey was undertaken to estimate the prevalence and determine ...

    Authors: Brendan Dineen, Clare E Gilbert, Mansur Rabiu, Fatima Kyari, Abdull M Mahdi, Tafida Abubakar, Christian C Ezelum, Entekume Gabriel, Elizabeth Elhassan, Adenike Abiose, Hannah Faal, Jonathan Y Jiya, Chinenyem P Ozemela, Pak Sang Lee and Murthy VS Gudlavalleti
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:17
  13. Stereoscopic assessment of the optic disc morphology is an important part of the care of patients with glaucoma. The aim of this study was to assess stereoviewing of stereoscopic optic disc images using an exa...

    Authors: Maged S Habib, James A Lowell, Nick S Holliman, Andrew Hunter, Daniella Vaideanu, Anthony Hildreth and David HW Steel
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:13
  14. The stability of ophthalmic preparations in multidose containers is influenced by the preservative as well as the stability of the active ingredient. Unstable drugs may require refrigeration to preserve their ...

    Authors: Mauricio D Paolera, Niro Kasahara, Cristiano C Umbelino and John G Walt
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:11
  15. Non-attendance for hospital outpatient appointments is a significant problem in many countries. It causes suboptimal use of clinical and administrative staff and financial losses, as well as longer waiting tim...

    Authors: Elizabeth Koshy, Josip Car and Azeem Majeed
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:9
  16. The sensitivity and specificity of 18S rRNA polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the detection of fungal aetiology of microbial keratitis was determined in thirty patients with clinical diagnosis of microbial ke...

    Authors: Zunaina Embong, Wan Hazabbah Wan Hitam, Chan Yean Yean, Nur Haslindawaty Abdul Rashid, Balqis Kamarudin, Siti Khaironi Zainal Abidin, Sabariah Osman, Zainul F Zainuddin and Manickam Ravichandran
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:7
  17. To assess the efficacy of the intravitreal (IVT) injection of Triamcinolone Acetonide (TA) as compared to posterior subtenon (SBT) capsule injection for the treatment of cystoid diabetic macular edema.

    Authors: Mauro Cellini, Alberto Pazzaglia, Eugenio Zamparini, Pietro Leonetti and Emilio C Campos
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:5
  18. To evaluate the reliability and construct validity of a Greek version of the NEI-VFQ-25 in patients with chronic ophthalmic diseases.

    Authors: Georgios Labiris, Andreas Katsanos, Michael Fanariotis, Theodora Tsirouki, Maria Pefkianaki, Dimitrios Chatzoulis and Evangelia Tsironi
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:4
  19. The glaucomas are generally asymptomatic diseases until they are very advanced. They affect 2% of the population over 40 years of age and therefore represent a significant public health issue. There have been ...

    Authors: Philip Severn, Scott Fraser, Tracy Finch and Carl May
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2008 8:2
  20. To present an overview of the clinical negligence claims for ophthalmology in the National Health Service (NHS) in England from 1995 to 2006. To compare ophthalmic subspecialties with respect to claim numbers ...

    Authors: Nadeem Ali
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:20
  21. The goal of this investigation was to correlate particular age-related structural changes (compaction) to the amount of scatter in rabbit lenses and to determine if significant fiber compaction occurred in the...

    Authors: Samer Al-khudari, Sean T Donohue, Walid M Al-Ghoul and Kristin J Al-Ghoul
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:19
  22. To determine monthly cost and cost effectiveness of bilateral prostaglandin/prostamide therapy for lowering intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients taking bimatoprost 0.03% (Lumigan®, Allergan, Inc.), latanoprost ...

    Authors: Ronald EP Frenkel, Max Frenkel and Allison Toler
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:16
  23. We investigated vision status associated with trachomatous trichiasis (TT) and explored age-sex patterns of low vision and blindness associated with trichiasis in Mankien district of southern Sudan where trach...

    Authors: Jeremiah Ngondi, Mark Reacher, Fiona Matthews, Francis Ole-Sempele, Alice Onsarigo, Ibrahim Matende, Samson Baba, Carol Brayne and Paul Emerson
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:12
  24. To evaluate the efficacy of triple therapy consisting of single-session photodynamic therapy (PDT), intravitreal bevacizumab (IVB) and intravitreal triamcinolone (IVT) as initial pulse therapy followed by repe...

    Authors: Hamid Ahmadieh, Ramin Taei, Masoud Soheilian, Mohammad Riazi-Esfahani, Reza Karkhaneh, Alireza Lashay, Mohsen Azarmina, Mohammad Hossein Dehghan and Siamak Moradian
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:10
  25. Ocular damage from radiation treatment is a well established phenomenon. Many factors are now known to influence the incidence of radiation retinopathy, including total dosage and daily fraction size. Patients...

    Authors: Abha Gupta, Felipe Dhawahir-Scala, Amy Smith, Lorna Young and Steve Charles
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:6
  26. One of the problems arising from available preparations for dry eye syndrome is the limited residence time of products on the ocular surface. In this paper, we look at an innovative new treatment for dry eye, ...

    Authors: Maurizio Rolando and Cristiana Valente
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:5
  27. Pituitary tumours may present with a variety of neurological and endocrinological signs and symptoms. It is very rare however for them to present with sudden onset painful diplopia. The current literature and ...

    Authors: Shveta Bansal, Kaveri Mandal and Ahmed Kamal
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:4
  28. To assess the safety of abandoning the next day post-operative review in preference for assessment only 2 hours post-surgery for both phacoemulsification and extracapsular surgery with heavier molecular weight...

    Authors: Balaji Thirumalai, Trudi L Blamires, Lucenne Brooker and Jon Deeks
    Citation: BMC Ophthalmology 2007 7:2

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